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what mautic can do for you

how to use it?

the only book in the world about mautic with a db hurley review

open source marketing automation

With this book you can learn step by step: How to install Mautic, how to update it, how to use it for your work, how to send email with it, how to setup it for WordPress and for your Ecommerce, how it could be usefull for marketing agencies or for SME, how to set up Mautic with Amazon SES and many other services, why an open source and free platform is good for you.


Mautic vs Hubspot

Is Hubspot the best platform? It could be true before Mautic probably.

Mautic vs Mailchimp

Do you need to send email or a Marketing Automation platform? Mailchimp is so far in the past.


Mautic vs Sendy

Really you need only semplicity? Really do you think Mautic is complicated? Try it for free!!!

Mautic & Amazon SES

How to simply configure and use Amazon SES for beginners. Fantastic for big and small needs.

Mautic & Mailchimp

Mailchimp have a lot of template and services. Use it to improve Mautic performances.

Mautic & WordPress

The best with the best for your win-win marketing strategies. All for free.

Mautic & Bounce Management

Never fear about bounce, with Mautic well configurations explained step by step.

Using Cron Jobs with Mautic

All the needs, al the steps, clearly explained with pictures and examples. For rookies!

All Mautic Features explained

All your needs, all the features, tons of examples and cases explained for you and your needs.




Cups of Coffee

Make Your Customers a Priority.

I certainly do it everyday and you?

Increase Conversion Rates

My goal in this book is to pro​vide you with the tech​niques you need to build a strategy in order to secure useful information, op​timize processes and correct your mis​takes.

Reduce Bounce Rate

If you make homogeneous contact groups (segments) that have been lumped together based on one or more shared distinctive features, bounce rate goes down dramatically. Marketing Automation can do this for you.

Drive More Traffic

If you use email, tag, dynamic contents, campaigns and the other features of Mautic correctly, you can drive traffic to your site and you can move Leads in the Funnel having more conversions.

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

Review, only for Us

This book dramatically increases the understanding and knowledge surrounding Mautic and improves the usability of the open source marketing automation so ware significantly. I can’t begin to express the gratitude I have for the time Antonio, and those who supported him in cre ating this incredibly useful resource.

DB Hurley, CTO & Founder @ Mautic,Inc – Founder & Project Leader @ Mautic Association

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